Leviathan 1
12th Jun 2019, 12:36 AM in Leviathan
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Leviathan 1
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Author Notes:
As a new chapter begins, I thought I might jump in to reach out to some of my (new?) readers with a status update and some station identification stuff.

Hi! I'm Adam! I hope you guys are enjoying my webcomic! I'm putting a lot of work, and a lot of myself, into it, and I think it's been paying off somewhat. I seem to have some loyal readers, and I want you to know I really appreciate it!

My goal at the beginning of the year was to put out a five-page chapter of Starforce Pentacle every month. I basically took April off and thus fell behind, but I'm working hard and I'm hoping to be caught up by the end of the month...in case you were wondering why the updates have gotten so frequent. I'm also going to go back and finish the colouring once I've got the basic pages out the door, so sorry so many of them are in a half-finished state at the moment.

I want to let you know I have a Patreon, and if you like my work I'd really love it if you could help me keep it up by sponsoring me, even for a measly dollar a month. There's some nice bonus content there including free comics and early access to my podcast,What Mad Universe?!?, in which me and my friend Phil delve into the literary origins of SF and fantasy tropes throughout pop culture. I'm pretty proud of that too, so give a listen, and like I say, you can hear it early if you jump on board my Patreon.

I also have a bunch of digital comics available at Comixology, including my fantasy comedy Lemuria and the lifeguards-vs-the-paraormal epic Nightbeach, all available at my main website, www.phantasmictales.com. If you like my stuff, there's more of it!

Finally, you can check out my Twitter feed for updates--that's where I do most of my social media stuff. Please feel free to reach out to me there or in the comments here, of course. Again, I really appreciate you guys as readers and I want to hear from you!