Update to 5-pagers!

Greetings, Acolytes!

I wanted to say a huge thanks to my regular readers--I'm awed and humbled by how many fans I've already gotten for this weird-ass comic, and you guys have inspired me to keep going even as I struggled through some rough patches this last year.

Just wanted to let you know the plan. My original intent with Starforce Pentacle was to update it in five-page installments every month, all at once. After I settled into Comicfury, I decided a more standard one-page-at-a-time update schedule would possibly garner me more readers? But I've now decided to throw caution to the winds and just revert to my original idea.

Thus: Starforce will be uploading five-page installments the first week of every month from now on. I *might* spread them out over a week; I haven't decided yet.

In addition, I'm thinking of launching a new comic that will keep up the regular updates; it'll be less artistically ambitious and probably more humourous (again, still deciding!)

If you want more comics by me in the meantime check out www.phantasmictales.com, where I've got links to a bunch of stuff available on Comixology and elsewhere.

Thanks guys! The Great Work of transforming the world through magical comics continues, and I'll see you in October!


by PhantasmicTales